Wednesday, January 28, 2009


You know sometimes how you make plans to do things and it don't workout? Well I had some plans to surprise all of you.

See I was gonna kinda defect to the Wordpress way of life. But I couldn't make my page look as cool with them layouts of theirs. And they disabled much of the good stuff I like to add to my page. They suck for that.

Then I was gonna make the jump to Wordpress by self publishing. That way I would have been able to use the good features of Wordpress and have all of the cool features that Blogger has. But alas, the trial attempt made my head hurt slightly. And I don't really have the chips to purchase the web hosting and domain name. So I ain't defected yet.

But don't be surprised if you have to find me at or something like that. I will of course keep you all posted on that...

Monday, January 26, 2009


A Dyssturbed Mined is coming to you from a new location!!!!

I can now be reached at:

##### *************** St.
**** ****** MI, #####
(###) ###-####

Oh dang! That damn paranoid ass Usama done blocked stuff out. For those of you who have the old number, it may still be on, but I won't be there!

I don't mind telling y'all, I been getting my ass kicked by progress the last couple of weeks. But the furniture moving is over. Mostly... Just gotta get the internet up and I can start blogging from home again. Might even have time to do so now. Except Mondays. I got a 9:30 - 9:30 schedule with a five hour gap in the middle. Needless to say, Monday posts will be rare unless I am bored and not doing homework midday like now.

I be tired though. I guess I will feel fresh next week. That is when the real work is going to start.

Guess I will go and visit now. See y'all in the comments!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Wifey!!!

Prince - Adore Live LA 02 -

Years ago today, a gift was delivered to this world for me. So here are a couple of her favorites on her day.

Happy Birthday Lele!!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Some Stuff

It is amazing how the smallest thing brings you unmatched amounts of momentary joy. I say this because my new mouse didn't scroll in some of my apps. I just figured out that the program that loads the mouse properties was the culprit. So when I disabled the program, I found that I could use the scroll in Firefox, Thunderbird and Flock! Don't get me wrong, Chrome is a nice browser, but it ain't no Firefox. Oh joy!!! Lemme go and make it the default again!

The semester has started. I might just consider this fun. One class is at the extension center. Not as far from the new crib as the main campus. Nonetheless, I was wishing I HAD went and begged to get in that web class. That had to be the WORST damn traffic I been in outside of a snow storm in a long time. And it is like that on the reg! Definitely gonna have to take another way.

We actually have a new lease and keys and services connected or in process. Just gotta get stuff moved now.

Did y'all know that folk give shit away on Craigslist for free? I said Fo' FREE!!! My wife was out there looking for a treadmill and found the free section. There was a mofo out there who was giving away a 50" big screen TV. If I hadn't already agreed to get one from somebody else (along with a living room full of furniture and a couple of exercise machines for cheap) I might have called!

More later or something...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yeah, I Know I Been Gone. But...

This is a quick update for all of y'all who have been missing me whilst life has been happening to me.

  • I have registered for all of my classes at this point for the Winter 2009 semester.
    1. Three of them are on the main campus near my old address.
    2. Two of them are at the extension center near my new address.
    3. I am trying to get them all on campus so I can avoid Wedenesday evening and Saturday morning classes.
    4. This would give me a 9-9 on Monday and a 1-8 on Wednesday schedule., should I be successful.
    5. If not then fuck it.  One evening and a Saturday won't kill me.  Especially if it means NOT taking Spring or Summer classes.
    6. Keep ya fingers crossed.  May 5 is the anticipated completion date for this campaign.
  • For those of you who haven't been paying close attention thus far, I HAVE A NEW ADDRESS!!!
    1. My wife managed finagle me into a ranch style house.  Oh well, no upstairs, I guess I will live.
    2. It isn't the perfect solution that we were looking for which would have allowed the kids to walk to and from school.
    3. It isn't as cheap as we would have liked.
    4. It is a place where they don't have to be moved to other schools.  Unless they want to do so.
    5. It is a place where my family can recongregate.  Including the dog...
    6. It is a place where I will be able to call it home.  Ain't done that in years.
    7. It is a place where folk who are less than respectful of your stuff and space and feelings are not really welcome.  Even if they are family.
  • Seems that mom is none the worse for wear being cared for by... not me.
    1. She has been relocated temporarily to a location where there is heat and electricity and cable.
    2. Although the current crew could be a little more attentive, she ain't being ignored.
    3. We will likely have space for her should she get tired of her current caretakers.  Yeah!
  • The wife is doing pretty good.
    1. She has run the house search.  Which is why I didn't argue much about the house type.
    2. She is definitely happy because we got approved for the lease.  She get's her family back whole and gets rid of the unnecessary mouth music from other parties.
    3. Taking the layoff in stride right now.  Get a little unemployment.  Get some stuff together.  Take a breath.  Start the job search if the layoff lasts more than a month or two.  Or if a bigger paycheck pops up on the horizon.
    4. She is walking unassisted.  No cane.  No boot.  No worries.  But a little bit of a limp.
    5. She been stressing like crazy and today she is smiling and cheering and rooting for the Eagles to beat the Giants right at this moment.  Oh what a relief it is!!!
  • Me?
    1. Health is getting better.  Blood pressure is coming down.  Sugar is not bad.
    2. My water pill has been cut down so I am not peeing on the hour anymore.
    3. I took my both of my loans.  This allowed us to get the money for moving and such without having to depend on family.  You don't know how much relief I am feeling about having to pay back some money!  Especially since HER family always has to have a negative ass opinion when they give money.
    4. I get to sleep at night in a bed with my wife again.  In a room alone!  Heh heh hehhhh!
    5. I finally have the funds to finish getting this tooth fixed from the root canal.  It got infected again and I am on antibiotics again.  But I do want to eat on both sides of my mouth sometime soon again!
    6. Most important I am feeling much more at peace than I have in a long time.  If I don't watch out, I may start feeling happy.
Oh yeah, I might even finish the rest of the dream story too.

Friday, January 02, 2009

A Dyssturbed Dream, Pt. 2

To recap:
A bicycle helmet, tighty whities and a dog.
It's all I got. I don't know why.
Okay and a raging boner because of the hooker.

Now you are up to speed.

So on we go.
I think the dog is a little amused at my "condition"
I guess it was that look that dogs give you where they look at stuff while leaning their heads to one side.
I bet he would have jokes if he could talk.
Glad his ass can't talk.
The next four blocks go by without incident.
If you could consider walking around in ya draws after three in the morning outdoors "without incident"
I figured it was after three in the morning because the hardcore hookers don't look that good.
So the strip clubs have to be closed and the dancer/hookers need a few minutes to get on station.
I was reflecting on how glad I was that the dog knew where we were going.
Right then I heard some guffawing off to the side.
You know the kind that comes out of SERIOUSLY immature males over 18.
I didn't remember what kinda night I was having, but I knew it wasn't good enough to deal with that shit.
So I kept walking.
Of course SOME folk can't leave well enough alone.
I tried to ignore them even longer until I noticed the dog look back and let out a low growl.
I don't know why these dumb muthafuckas were following us.
Maybe it was the malt liquor.
I know they didn't think they were gonna rob me.
That would have just been stupid.
What did they think they were gonna get?
The helmet or the underwear with somebody else's dick print in them?
I guess they figured the dog was a punk too because they ran up to do a three sided surround.
"Where you going?" said the first dumb ass.
"Home. Why?" I mean really?
"You were dressed so funny we had to come see what's up." why dumbass number to gotta say that?
"Ain't shit up. I am damn near naked at oh dark thirty and I am walking. Obviously my day ain't so good." I thought that was kinda obvious though.
"Hold up man. We wanna holla at ya!" Damn! dumbass 1 are you still here?
"No thanks" What? Are these dudes gay?
"The man said quit walking!" Whoa! Dumbass 3 speaketh!
He must be the king dumbass because he put his hand on me.
Wasn't a smart thing to do.
Cause I grabbed his wrist and twisted his hand toward the sky. And tried to punch his elbow through the moon.
His scream was real satisfying. I guess dislocations are real painful.
It stood him up real nice too. so I could do the same thing to his knee.
Now somebody was having a worse day than me.
You would think that seeing ya boy took out that easy would make you want to flee.
Not these mutts.
I guess dumbass 1 had some martial arts training and figured himself to be the second coming of Bruce Lee.
At least that is what it looked like from the stupid Bruce Lee scream and the little Bruce Lee dance he suddenly was doing.
If I wasn't so pissed, I probably would have laughed in his face.
He tried a quick punch kick combo.
Hmm... Karate. Earned one, maybe two belts. Wonder if he learned DEFENSE?
Six seconds later I had my answer.
He can't defend worth shit.
At least not judging from his broken nose and crushed windpipe.
Right then I hear another scream.
You know the kind that makes your blood run cold?
Turns out that the remaining dumbass found out that the dog was no punk indeed.
I see that there are now THREE people having a worse day than me.
Nothing like a pit bull gnawing on ya gonads to make a day go south.
Then the dog shakes him furiously.
"Hey dog! Let him go! I don't want you to catch anything! A dog with an STD CAN'T be a pretty thing!"
Right then I resolved to change my attitude about dad.
He used to call it martial arts training.
I called it creative asswhooping.
I guess we were both right.
I must call him and thank him.
Didn't know I had it in me.
After about another block I look at the dog and ask
"So Mr. Crotch Chewer. Are we close to home yet?"
You know I could have sworn that mutt just rolled his eyes at me!

Still not home yet. part 3 someday...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

An Open Letter to 2008

Dear 2008,

From the folk in my household.



A group of folk who are tired of walking around with your foot up our asses!!!

p.s. 2009, be warned!