Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tagged!: 7 Random Facts And Other Madness

1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.

3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Well thanks Aretha! I blame you for this!

  1. I have separate drinking vessels for every type of beverage I consume! - Yeah. That's right! I got a coffee mug, a tea mug, a cold beverage mug, a giant water jug and bottles and even drinking glasses for the spirits and wine. Okay, we will just get this outta the way early, I am anal! BUT most of my drinkware is plastic and insulated. You all know how plastic holds smells. I can't stand drinking a cola and smelling coffee in it! Or coffee and Plantation Mint smells whilst sipping on a nice lager! Hmm... Come to think about it am I the strange one?
  2. I can't stand grease on my hands. - Never liked it. Never will. The thing with the grease is because it be all sticky and slippery at the same time. Hence the reason you will never smell Afro Sheen up in my do. Can't stand this so much that I will immediately stop whatever process I am in and go wash my hands.
  3. I hate persistent smells on my hands. - This one is simply because I sleep with my hands near my face. Usually on one or both. And my nose is very sensitive most of the year (when it ain't clogged from the crazy weather changes in Michigan). So having things that are not pleasant smelling on my hands will keep me from sleeping! Okay it bothers me if I am awake too!
  4. I am a pack rat who can find things in the clutter. - My own personal spaces I tend to keep things that may be useful in the future. Other folks garbage is my treasure, to an extent. People are constantly amazed that I can remember where stuff is amongst the "garbage dump" (their term) of my stuff. Of course I done saved folks asses numerous times with a well timed piece of "junk" being used to niggarig their broke ass shit! Now on the finding things, this next item will explain...
  5. I like order. - "Everything has a place and everything in it's place. If it doesn't have a place in my house it has no real function and hence has no need to exist in my house." This I have told to my kids ad infinitum. You would think those damn slobs would have learned that by now. The Wife takes that approach and goes overboard. For her, if it needs cleaning up then it needs circular filing! But back to me, I can find the smallest damn thing where folk only see disorder because I mentally catalog everything that I have. I can usually remember the last place I saw something. Of course that gets knocked off kilter when my folk "clean up". I put the clean up in quotes because their idea of cleaning up is taking the junk you moved from the area in question and putting it in a closet in a garbage bag.
  6. Leave my shit alone! - This is definitely me. I have found that folk don't treat your things with nearly as much reverence and respect as you. But then again they didn't pay for it either and usually look at you like you are the one that fucked up when they break your shit. So I don't like folk messing around in my stuff. For instance, I collect Hot Wheels and mini motorcycles. Sometimes I put them out on display. Then folk come by and want to play with my shit. How dare these neanderthals want to play with my toys like they are...TOYS or something!!! I don't give a damn if you are three and like cars! Keep yo' little grubby hands off my shit! People sure aren't raising kids to the same standards like they used to! Humorous rant aside, it really does bug me because I have had a whole Hot Wheels collection DESTROYED like that. And when you are eight and had to BEG to get each and every one and come home from vacation and find your collection of 25 hard fought and won wonders broken, bent and missing, it does something to you! To this day, I will go and buy you one if you really want to play with one that bad! Seriously. And I find that grown folk ain't really no better with ya shit so this ain't just about Hot Wheels. That was just a good example...
  7. I got more friends in Blogworld than Bushworld - What can I say? I like you guys a lot. I just hope y'all ain't crazier than I think ya are! Especially since I would like to meet SOME of you! Yeah, y'all chew on that last one. I will leave you to figure out who is in and who isn't. Fight it out amongst yaselves. To the winners go the spoils of me!
What? Why y'all looking at me all funny and shit? You KNEW I had to fuck with SOMEBODY on this damn post! If you didn't then you obviously didn't read the sign over the door when ya came in! Don't know what party you think THIS is. You know how I do it! I keeps it on tha madness! Shoo, ya betta axe somebody!

For those who might be wondering about their status per #7, I can say this. I ain't saying no names, but those who got a big ole ass, ya probably in. If ya knockas is bangin', ya probably in (that includes danglers too (maybe)). If you declared your undying love for me, or at least expressed your desire not to share me with others, ya probably in. If ya mind is as hot as ya body, ya probably in. If 310 means anything to you, you probably in. If you think I sound good on the phone or the lazy blog, you more than likely are in. If you got good cookies (marinate on that at ya leisure), you likely are in. If ya accent makes ya voice even sexier, by gosh give ya self an extra point or two. Hell if ya voice is sexy as hell, you can call me anytime and count yaself amongst the likely. IF ya talk a good sex game, you might be better off than most. If you are a homie and you have been known to turn up a tankard and you buying the first round, you definitely in! Hell if you are buying the first round then you in anyway!
And last but not least, if I told you I liked you more than ice cream and:
  • You are a dude: Consider this the end of our relationship because I don't do that gay shit...
  • You are a chick: Expect The Wife to come and bring that beat down because she may discover that you are the one I was cheating with!
If I missed any of you with these inside jokes, charge that to the Oldtimers and not the heart. Unless of course you really ARE out...

Oh, BTW. This is a voluntary tag because I stupidly promised immunity to several persons the last two times. AND I think I was the only one to get away with this the last time this particular bug was going around so y'all may have exhausted your weirdness already. Not likely, but maybe...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


From the never say never files:
The Wife is the proud owner of a new used Cadillac! She of course never liked Cadillacs. Figure the irony!

Gas prices have come down. The gas fueled price increases on food haven't. Go figure...

It's coming down to crunch time. I doubt that I will be around any more often than I have been lately. But I won't be gone any more often that I know of. So this ain't a blog break or fake retirement or anything. Just an update.

As it stands, this semester is going along rather swimmingly. Unless I seriously drop the ball, I should come out of this semester with at worst an A and two B's. But three A's is more likely. I shall keep you posted.

I swear if my advisor does not make my damn plan of work a priority, I am gonna move into her damn office! I started this process a couple of years back. She kept putting me off by telling me I needed to get my records updated. I finally did that last summer since it was on my mind to drop in to Morehouse to get that transcript. Never stopped at the college but I got it done online. And the local CC the January before that. So by the time I got to her in August, she was surprised to find the records that she had just requested I get (again) were already on file. So she told me that she needed to get past Registration to get it done. That was to take about two weeks after Labor Day. She got about six extra weeks. I sent an e-mail early last week. Followed up with a phone call at the end of the week. Still not done. She hadn't gotten to the e-mail by the phone call. She assured me that it would be done by Monday (just passed). It wasn't. I just dropped in all unannounced today (since I happened to be there) to see how things were going. Okay, it was a physical reminder that I was stoking the fire under her. The office worker steered off telling me that walk=in counseling was on Tuesday when I mentioned that I needed a status on my Plan Of Work which she has been "working" om all semester. It is supposed to be done before week end. I guess the database will be repaired by then. I get the feeling that I will be there on walk-in counseling to blow cognac breath on her fire. I can't finish registering until she gets on her job and gets my approvals and makes sure all the t's and i's are crossed and dotted. Registration started two weeks ago... Y'all feel me?

Friday, November 14, 2008


I just bought gas at $1.89!!!!!!! Then got mad that I saw it for $1.87 two blocks away.

Pass it on!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: The Haremite Nickname Edition

The originators of T13 and rules of participation can be found HERE

Bootydo - Probably one of my favorite nicknames. This one belongs to Thoughts of a Southern Gal. She gave herself this one because of a party recently. She got so full that her belly was poking the front of her dress out a bit. It prompted her to say "(I had to just finished eating b/c I have a bootydo (stomach sticks out more than your booty do)." Well the stomach was sticking out but not quite enough to make that statement true. Nonetheless, she gets the name anyway.

Jazzy Diva - (this is the real one...) The Blog Wife - AKA Blog Nag Blog Nag - AKA the Blog Wife, (lemme quit playin' before her pouty lip pokes my eye out...)AKA THE Diva, AKA H. R. Paperstacks, AKA... Okay, you get the idea. Most of you probably have guessed this one belongs to none other than Opinionated Diva. To some of you, I am positive I don't have to explain this one. Nonetheless she earns this one and many others because she is the stuff. Nothing like somebody having ya e-back! Other edit: Cutesy names: Sasha Blogdanovich, Tubecandy, The Mad Blur, Ms. Photoshop. I am taking suggestions! Okay, Okay! JW Paperstacks!!! I wasn't gonna use that one because I thought it may tell too much...

Queen Of My Extra Half Yard Of Fabric - AKA Queen of a Black Man's Fantasies, AKA You Shole Look Good In That _______! (and her fine ass sister too!). She got this one because of her horrible fabric estimation skills. Okay, kidding. She got it because she has such a bodacious backside that the lady in the fabric store told her that she would DEFINITELY need more fabric to make the dress she envisioned. The story was far more entertaining when she told it but that blog is no more, so I can't quote it...

Xena: Warrior Wife - AKA Misswhoopabitchorthree, AKA Lurkus Maximus, AKA She Who Shall Not Be Named (because she don't want one), AKA... This one belongs to The Wife of course. If y'all ain't read the story on how she got that one, then bump into her vehicle. Or mess with her yella man! Or better yet, ask or research a bit and save the ass whoopin'!

Ghetto Kuntree - This one belongs to Creamy, Dreamy and Ghetto Mary. Y'all probably know her as The Dreamy One. I still like The Creamy One, but I digress. She is a feisty little something though. So I can see the Ghetto Mary part. But she sounds SOOOOOooooo southern, I couldn't resist. And no my dear, you are NOT annoying, except when you declare that you are annoying, which bugs me because you aren't... Strange how that works.

Jelly Bean - AKA The One Of Many Names, AKA Who Are You This Week? AKA Alla Y'all, AKA Sybill. The main face of this beauty is (currently) Jaila. But there are a few others who tag along when she goes for a shower or something. How she got this name is a long and convoluted story. So you will just have to keep guessing.

Nikki Make-A-Horny - AKA Nikki Indigo or just Nikki. She was the first one to make my monitor catch fire. And she had me from that moment. BTW that ain't the number one reason I like her though. But the other reasons don't make for good nicknames.

Doctor Ladybud - Yes, the one and only Ladylee - The Original Oldgirl got a name from me too. Who knew you could assimilate all that edumacation in a bud induced state? Now If I can only persuade her to use all that edumacation for my evil purposes (without threatening to use it ON me...), then I will be good! I think she got a PhD in knitting too. Had to have the way she drops them exploding knitting needles all over the place...

The Absent - Some of you probably know her as The Addict. But she been quite absent of late. Yeah, I know I got a lot of damn nerve saying so, but I am here NOW! But every time I think of her I reflect back to the Old Blog Ball And Chain (Oooo! Another one for her...) and her troubles getting me to post.

Pocahunnie - Or Pocahontaz to the rest of you. This one kinda evolved... well... because she is! She is also the one person on this list who ain't The Wife who WILL be getting some on my birthday! Since she chose to get married on that day!

Hot Minnie - AKA Nawf Cackylacky! Or Minerva Exertion. Her blog name sounds more like the nick name doesn't it? Got two words for ya sweetie! Good and Riddance!!!!!!!

The Mad Dangler - Yes Tom_Gurl, this one is for you! Why? Well, you said it yourself! See: "I did make the effort…wore skinny jeans, shoes…a nice top with the ‘twins dangling, like Sanaa Lathan’s character in Brown Sugar’ LMAO!" I still ain't got no damn picture though... Hint hint

Damn You Changed It Again?!? - Yes, the one, the only Ms. Behaving. She got that name because of the frequency in which we all do a double take and leave and come back to her page. Because the damn layout changes with her outfit I think... Something...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Are You On Facebook?

Since I been strong armed by somebody, who I won't mention out loud, to friend up on Facebook, (Blog Wife (Oops, guess I mentioned her anyway...)) I am taking requests all day! If you know the name you can find me on your own. If you don't then you need to get at me if you wanna be down with the Madness! Comment section and e-mail work just fine!

I am [encrypted transmission] and I paid for and approved this message!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Thursday Thir... Wha? It's Friday? Oh... Nehmind...

So I WAS gonna do this T13. But yesterday was actually a Thursday 17!!! The boy is now one more tick closer to thinking he is a man. And yesterday I spent running around getting the cake and his new PSP and what not. So I was a little busy, then I got full, then I got cake, then I got sleep.

Would it help if I said "I love you bunches"? Hey, at least you work bloggers can read this instead of getting a lazy blog. Which I might do anyway... Nah!

Friday means rescheduled Computer Science exam. Since there was a bomb threat last week at the VERY same building...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Yes!!! Another win. Once again my vote has netted the desired result. Another win. I am sure folk will blog into infinity about this election and it's historic nature. So I won't bore you.

I ain't saying it was a win for women. Sarah Palin provided that.

I ain't saying it was a win for black folk (or biracial folk or cannibalasians (or whatever Tiger Woods calls himself.)). Barack Obama did that.

This one is a win FOR ME!!!

Why you ask? Damn good question!

Because I have never prospered under a Republican administration. My own personal economy usually goes into a severe recession if not a depression. Remember I have only seen ONE Democratic administration as an adult. And boy did I prosper! And things just happen to be looking up even before the results of the election were announced. Y'ALL FEEL ME?

So I win! I hope to continuing that win for at least the next four years!


On the black hand side...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Another Turning Point

I think i may be hitting another one of those places where the dissatisfaction generates motion.

Right now I am getting near the end of my "vacation". Tomorrow is my wife's second follow-up visit to the surgeon. She may be cleared back to work any day now. Which means I won't need to be here any longer.

The thing is that I am starting to not really feel ANY desire to return to where I was. Things are just not really working out for me. I kinda get that molasses feeling. That barrel crab feeling. That stuck in shit feeling. But I am tired of being poor. Tired of being co-dependent on someone who is dependent on me. But we can't do anything but tread water and hold on to each other. I can't do that anymore.

And on the other side of the coin, The Wife is suddenly faced with the prospect of finding a place to live. Her mom is not renewing her lease. She is moving with the other daughter. She let this be known a couple of weeks ago. During disability check time.

I see that as a way out to a certain extent. I just need to find me a source of my own income. And let go the fact that I need to be there for my mother to prosper. I still ain't sure how it will work out on that. But I guess I will never know if I don't go.

But I must live. So I gotta decide for me.

I shall find me some work. And some space to call my own.

I will cross my fingers.

And hope for a nice position out of town where I can ride a motorcycle more months than not. Okay, at least a good nine months is not the whole year.

Ya hear that world? Year round bike riding!

Anyway. I gotta finish dinner.

Wish me luck. And coherent thoughts if I lost any of you.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Can Y'all Believe This Shit?

I am almost ashamed to claim the Metro Detroit Area as my home. Why? Because there are some seriously dumb and twisted folk up in this bitch! You don't believe me? Read this...

Supporting Obama? No treats for you at Grosse Pointe Farms house

Can I get a "What The Fuck???" up in here?