Sunday, April 29, 2007

What in the hell is wrong with these kids today?

Recently I have noticed locally that a recurring news item seems to be a glut of bomb threats left on bathroom walls. I know they are tired of being in school and crave a vacation, but DAMN!!!! Don't they know that such a thing could possibly get you a lifetime membership at Club Fed? I mean where is the sense. Since 9/11/01 you can't even say the word "bomb" in any airport without getting a gun (or seven) pointed at you head. And the thing in Virginia Beach has the whole country getting all skittish again. In a world freshly filled with paranoia, why of all things a bomb threat?

They are pretty damn jaded too. I mean if a news van sitting in front of your school is not a big thing to you, where is your mind? I asked the boy-child the other day, why is the news van at your school? The first reply was "I don't know". The second time I asked the question I got, "Oh, maybe it had something to do with the bomb threat on the bathroom wall". To which I responded, "You don't think that a BOMB THREAT that brings the TV news to your school is neither memorable nor important?" The answer? You probably guessed that he said "Nope". He sure didn't get that from me...

Again I ask. Where is the sense?

What's in a name?

Recently while roaming my local blog world, a question about my name came up. After a moment of reflection I replied that it does sound somewhat contorted and nasty. That got me to thinking about what goes into an online persona. What things make us rename ourselves to maintain our non-virtual privacy? How revealing are the labels we attach to ourselves. Some people get fanciful. Some steal from real life or popular fiction. Some try to describe their mental outlook. Others try to describe their physical attributes. Some just put their business out in cyberspace. I don't even know how many people actually realize what their "online ID" says about them. Although it does beg the question about what kind of person Hot_Ass_Trina (just an example) might really be. The anonymity that the internet affords us allows people to lie about who they are. In fact our expectations are that this happens more often than not. But even more interesting is that people are more truthful when anonymous than when exposed. Kinda disturbing when you think about it. Backwards even...

I am interested in hearing your stories. Why you are who or what your screen name portrays. You tell me yours, I will tell you mine!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Election Day!!!

I am going on record right now before the all of the candidates surface. I predict another Republican administration! Everyone please take this moment to shudder with me. In fact be sick to your stomach if you wish. I say this because:

  1. Hillary Clinton is showing strong for the Democrats at this early stage.
  2. Barack Obama is fast rising front runner for the Democratic nomination.
  3. The other Democrats, including other notables John Edwards and Al Gore, don't seem all that strong to me right now.
  4. America is ultimately a racist and sexist nation.
So I ask you this question. With Iraq, FBI probes, high gas and low economy among other things linked to the current administration. Is this country ready for a Black man or White woman for President of the United States? I don't think so. But I am. And I will be there with bells on to put my opinion on that ballot.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Why is it that the people who scream the loudest about their rights seem to not be concerned about others rights all that much?

Americans with Opinions pt. 1

Just when I thought I was done with this whole Imus thing, they bring me back in!!!!
While getting updates on the shootings at Virginia Tech, I happened to surf away to other news. One particular thing that caught my eye was a commentary by Al Roker regarding the Imus/Rutgers thing. After reading Roker's commentary I proceeded to read the reader's comments. I was shocked by the things I read. You would think I would stop being surprised by the low minded thinking of the American people by now. There were a lot of people who were downright pissed that Imus lost his job! And a number of them spoke long and vehemently on why Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Al Roker, and well the entire Black community was at fault. Hell even rappers and the dancer from the Lacrosse team controversy got threw in there! Everyone who felt that Imus was the victim compared him to one or more of the above. They either said that the folk who were "after him" were even more guilty of being racists. Or they laid the inspiration for his bad actions on one of the above.

Truly amazing.

How you gonna go and blame a whole race of people for something like that. Saying 'If black people didn't say it first then he wouldn't have been able to hear it and repeat it' is completely idiotic. Just like my foremothers said "If all of your friends are stupid enough to jump off a bridge, are you gonna be dumb enough to jump off of it too?" I guess a lot of Americans with Opinions are too. Apparently so was Mr. Imus.

I was gonna rant for a while longer. But I am gonna quit on this one. Ain't got the strength for this much stupidity. It was a hurtful and disrespectful thing that he did. The controversy that it started is even worse. I shake my head. And I am done.

At least for now...

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Black Racism

Occasionally I come across content on TV that is more than just mindless entertainment. I happened across Tyra the other day. She was doing one of those recap/revisit shows regarding racism. While the black/arab segment was somewhat compelling, the one that drew me in most was the segment on light skinned vs. dark skinned. While I believe that we are universally unhappy with being Black in America, it seems that others believe different. I have noticed that there is a definite bias between groups. That bias is mostly based on the "grass is greener" school of thought. The line between is usually drawn by the old "paper bag test". I have noticed that darker folk tend to hate on the lighter ones because of the "greater acceptance" of light skinned folk by society at large. On the other hand the lighter folk hate on the darker folk because of the "greater acceptance" of dark skinned folk within the black community. And of course there is the reciprocal resentment based on the above.

What you think?

I think I may have to start some shit in some chat rooms on this one...

Saturday, April 07, 2007


For my newest fan Opinionated Diva... Yeas!!! I'm back! Bring some spray. I been holding it in too long. That candle won't be enough.