Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Madness

I love the summer. Yesterday I realized that the days are only gonna get shorter until the first day of Winter. That depressed me slightly because it means... well the hell with what it means. I don't wanna depress myself anymore. But I am sure you all can figure it out yourself.

But I do love the summer. Sure, it gets hot as hell. But I don't have to move snow. Or freeze. And it is generally easier to stay cool than it is to stay warm.

More importantly I can ride my bike in the summer. Just me and my machine. It's performance is fixed, mine varies. Which is to say that I am what determines how well we work as a unit. I like that. Glory, mediocrity, disappointment, they are all up to me. Which way the adventure lies. How far it goes. How long it takes. Me, Me, ME! For a lot longer than I sometimes care to admit, it is my happy place. Adventure and solitude in one package. Some days it is the only freedom I have left. I could go on for a while, but I won't.

Why? Because if you are familiar with the bicycle concept you know the truth in the next statement. I shall free my mind and my ass will follow. Quite literally and somewhat figuratively.

More plainly, I am telling you that I am getting my ass the hell up out of this chair and putting it on my saddle. Right now I could use some freedom. I spend all kinds of time in this chair that winter traps me into. No use in staying locked up on purpose when there is a better choice.

Catch ya on the flip...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It Occurs To Me...

...that Grouchy Smurf had the right idea.

...that I am not always the nicest person.

...that I am just fine with the above a lot of days.

...that because of the above, the one two above exists.

...that I am losing my voice, and that is why I don't exercise it here much any more.

...that my desire for change is getting so strong that it is somehow interfering with that change.

...that depression is a very powerful force.

...that people generally just don't give a shit until they have to deal with something on some level.

...that we need two or three more good political parties, because the Democrats AND the Republicans need to be the minority part at the same time. Maybe then they will help each other pull their heads out of their asses.

...that during the summer that I am rediscovering the joys of cycling, a legend is likely summing up his career by becoming a sidekick to his sidekick, all because of a crash. Lance, this beer is for you! And here's hoping that Levi can make up those two minutes and small change before Bastille Day!

...that no one really cares what goes on here anymore.

...that the above is likely true because I don't seem to care.

...that the above is NOT true because time, access and guilt keep me away.

...that one can indeed type quite accurately and complete a thought while reading the insides of your eyelids.

...that the guilt is creeping back. Guess I better get back to what I am supposed to be doing.

...that it ain't gonna happen tonight because I keep nodding off and trying to fall the hell out of this chair!

...that there was a bunch of other stuff that I was gonna say but the bed is drowning out my voice with it's call.

...that I still got love for ya, and I am sending it out to you now!

Good night and have an interesting series of tomrorrows...