Monday, April 27, 2009

Ain't Dead Yet!!!

But I am working hard on finishing finals!

I am guessing that blogging will be my release from the tedium of the job search that shall start in earnest after Friday! Or next Wednesday... I forgot about that paper...

Anyway, I haven't forgotten that I promised y'all some info. I will get that to you soon. Definitely before May 8th!

Friday, April 10, 2009

See, what I WAS gonna do...

Yep, what I was gonna do was drop my dulcet tones on you all in another audio post. Then I remember encountering resistance from several people who shall not have their identities outed. Today...


You get to read instead of listen.

Every thing is cool.

That is all...

Okay, just kidding.

But things are cool.

School is still going on. The countdown is officially less than 30 days. Graduation looms. Hopefully that damn math proficiency that I was avoiding like the plague won't come back and bite me in the ass. Especially since I found out that you can only take that sumbitch ONCE a semester!!! What the fuck is that all about? Especially when I couldn't find the damn study materials on the website they sent me to! Do you realize how much math I have forgotten in the many years since I actually took a class? What a backward ass university!

Classes this semester have been a bit more challenging. Why? I am glad you asked...

  • I moved at the beginning of the semester. It was distracting for the first three weeks.
  • I resent three point five of the five classes I am taking this semester. I wasn't expecting to take them.
  • Cruise control is on.
  • Did I mention resentment?
  • Is May here yet?
  • I gotta get a job now?
  • I can't regurgitate facts like I did two decades ago.
Okay, enough of that.

I am surprised by how much my early semester affected the midterms. That and I am tired of group projects where folk don't wanna do shit. Thank god the last one is on Monday! And that I don't have to go to Astronomy lab any more!!! Just gotta turn in work for that one. One more class session and a paper for Business Anthropology. Hmm... Two weeks of class and then the final Finals!!! Yeah! I gotta be honest though. I really don't care what these grades look like as long as they don't keep me from commencement. Not that I ain't gonna continue trying. But it took 24 years to get here, I already got one and a half middle fingers up!!! Ya feel me?!?!?

Dang! Now I gotta go all they way back to being a grown up.
... ...

On the other hand, the job is always easier than the training for it. And the payments go in the opposite direction. Who invented that system anyway?

I will try to post more since the workload is letting up. I can justify spending time creating documents that don't have a due date and a rubric. But you know how that goes. And how I go...

By the way. You are all invited to my graduation!
Turns out that while tickets are limited, there is an internet simulcast! I will have to get the link out to you closer to the event!

Update: I passed the proficiency exam!!! So that little test won't hold me up for another 15 weeks!

Friday, April 03, 2009

A Heart Stolen

A year ago today, this wonderful little individual was born.

Who was to know she would turn out to be this bigger wonderful individual a year later!
Look at that smile!!!
Just a grinnin'!
Who could resist that face?

Really though! I could! This chile is da debil! Yeah, yeah, I know you are thinking "Not that angelic little face!" Well you can best believe that what I say is true!!!

I managed to get those pictures while she was smack in the middle of terrorizing my computer! Notice how in the first and third of the recent photos that her little arm is up and escaping the pictures? That is because she was repeatedly punching the power button on my monitor and thought she was being slick and such! In the middle picture I dived between her and my keyboard. That of course brought about that little devilish grin you see.

Y'all don't believe me? Check out the video...

I am still not sure which of us won that one...

Okay, on the real. She ain't da debil ALL the time. And because she ain't, she managed to steal the heart of this old blogger. Usually by being cute and undebilish like this.

Or like this...

Happy Birthday Aniyah Princess Marie!!!
AKA Gummy Bear AKA Gumbeezy AKA Taboody AKA Bad Booty AKA Tee Tee AKA Ham Hocks AKA Chunky Butt AKA Detroit's Next Top Model AKA... (Well y'all get the idea)