Tuesday, May 10, 2011


What up?

It's been a long time
I guess I left you,
Without a damn thing to read through...

Eh... I knew I shouldn't have done that.  Guess I am getting on the train outta Cliche'ville.

Feeling a little random.  So a little random you shall have.

I just sat and watched a movie based in Lansing, Michigan of all places... while in Lansing, Michigan! 

You know The Lakers gos swept!!!  And I can't get the vision of The Blog Wife in her Flakers shirt.  All pink and stretched from east to west...  Sigh...

I sometimes wonder what my previous life was like.  Must have been a real asshole because I haven't done enough in this life for the karma that is kicking my ass in this lifetime.

I stopped watching TV for a while.  Got addicted to Hulu, Miami Vice especially.  When I came back, I found that it doesn't keep my attention like it once did.  I blame the waste of good airtime on American Idol, Dancing anything, stuff that survives or gets fired, etc.

Wanna hear some crazy shit?  I just semi watched/was watched by a preview/making of feature of a movie on one channel that was actually playing on another channel.  WTH?

BTW.  Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is a very strange yet somewhat cool movie...

You know, I have been doing some reading.  This place is not my happy place.  Therapeutic yes.  Happy no.  But I guess I always knew that...

My entertainment lately has been flipping between MSNBC and Fox News.  Left wing nuts on one channel and Right wing nuts on the other.  But now I understand how they are gonna fuck us all in the end.  They are in it together.  I mean really?  Who do you feel is really representing YOUR views and values in Washington D.C.?

The America I thought I was growing up in is really dead.  Mostly because there is no respect left it seems.  The rule of the day is to be rude to others and screw over the poor, the elderly and the disabled and children.  And of course folk these days think that they are entitled to mind everyone else's business while loudly maintaining their right to their own privacy.  

I think I realize the other reason why I don't spend much time here anymore.  I am too damn easily distracted...

With that I will bid you goodnight for the next six months, or until tomorrow, or whenever...