Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Wordless Wednesday Style: Eye Of The Beholder

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Y'all Know What THIS Is...

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Okay, so maybe no picture. I didn't lie, my phone is acting a jackass. What can ya do?

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Guest Blogger @ A Dyssturbed Mined

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Anaya Princess Marie

Oh Woe Is Me!

Okay, no it ain't! But that popped into my mind for some strange reason.

Things are cool. The Wife is doing well. She went in for her two week evaluation on Monday. She finally got to see her leg again. It needs lotion but isn't bad overall. The doctor removed the tape around the sutures and that had been causing her some of the discomfort in the first cast. Now she has a nice purple cast (her favorite color). Which coordinated with her purple sweats that I bought her so she could leave the house without trying to squeeze her cast into some tight pants. THIS of course was a problem because the inactivity has allowed her to gain some weight. I am sure you can see where this is headed and why my hair is trying to turn a touch gray. It didn't help that the cleaning lady at her job had the nerve to say "girl you done picked up some weight!" I really could have murdered that woman right then because I been hearing the whole fat speech since then. LAWD save me!

And she has taken to entertaining herself with reading the gross stupidity that is known as the "letters to the editor" sections of various online sites. I don't relly think she believed how stupid things got when the great unwashed and unlettered get a forum to display their ignorance. Oh... wait... Does that sound elitist? Have I become an Obama? Eh-nee-waaaayyyyy... But yes, she is finding the opinions of the average american extremely entertaining. So I guess getting the computer working is generating benefits.

Mom seems to be doing okay with the rest of the folk looking after her. Hopefully things turn toward good a little faster soon.

I feel like a stretched rubber band. Not that I am complaining. There are benefits to being where I am. My days no longer are filled with finding ways to relieve boredom. I am relearning how to juggle things. I may just come back to life.

School updates: Midterm edition:

  • I am stil awaiting my score from my Astronomy exam. I don't know what happened to the scores. I guess I shall continue to wait.
  • I did the presentation for Systems Analysis. I could have gone better. I was thrown off a little by the fact that my group members had trouble keeping my visual aids on the screen. Especially since they were keeping me on track during the presentation since we couldn't have notes.
  • I got the midterm for that class back that same day. Chalk up that grand slam y'all! A hunned pacenn thank ya! The rest of the class didn't seem to do as well because he felt the need to offere a deal to encourage class participation. He is going to spit the difference between the midterm and final scores and add that to the midterm grade. So those who dropped the ball on the midterm get a chance to improve that grade by doing well on the final. Doesn't do jack shit for me, but then again I get what is going on! I don't need no stinking crutch!!!
  • Tonight I hand in the first assignment in my comptuer class. It works as it is supposed to. It is my original code. I have a flow chart and pseudocode. Hopefully it is all he asked for. Since he didn't require that we do data validation, I didn't add any. But it takes the required inputs. It gives the required outputs. My black box works to specifications as given. Should score high.
  • Got a quiz in Astronomy to finish before tomorrow night. Guess I will do the reading and take it before I leave. I am 10 points short of perfect on the quizzes. So I missed a question on tidal friction. I bet I got that sumbitch on the exam though.
  • Time to start concentrating on the DSS project Systems Analysis and the paper for Astronomy.
  • Assuming I don't have any major meltdowns, I should get at least two if not three A grades this semester.
  • Registration of the next semester starts the day before election day. All three of the classes I need are offered and I am in line for being done with classes in early may. Unless of course I opt for grad school...
Well, that is what is up on my front. I will attempt to be a little more regular now. I hope...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Update

The wife is healing okay. She had a few foot bangers and a few too many times of sitting up to teach her that pain is your friend ONLY when you listen to it! She goes in for her checkup on the 21st. We shall see what happens.

I am trying to get this damn computer at her place working. After a couple of defective power supplies and a missing router config disk, I may be online to bother y'all again soon. I found the router disk and managed to get the dang router and the modem talking finally. The first power supply was defective and didn't stay on longer than about 15 minutes at a time. Took that back, and upgraded to a more powerful one (just in case there were power issues). Installed the second one and turned it on. I heard noises that I didn't expect to hear. Didn't hear noises I expected to hear. Smelled something funny. Reached for the power button. Saw fire. Reached for the power cord with the other hand. And BLEW THE DAMN FIRE OUT!!! Tomorrow I shall acquire power supply number three. In the meantime, I have been using the one from my computer to configure their computer. Cross ya fingas y'all!

But I have been enjoying my time with the people I am supposed to live with even though it isn't the place we are supposed to live. But I will take what I can get at this point!

Much love folk!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Figured I would post SOMETHING since I am in front of a computer.

The Wife is through surgery. Recovering well (when she sits down).

I am back and forth between houses. So I still ain't got a handle on everything. So I came to campus to take my exam for my online class.

But the news isn't all bad so I shall keep on keepin' on.

I wonder what the world is gonna be like when folk can't live in the margin anymore? Can you imaging a credit free United States? The whole damn country will be a black innercity neighborhood... I got my hookup!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Temporarily Relocated...

I have been away from home since the last update.

Last week The Wife was attending a rather exciting high school football game. As she was cheering on our nephew's seeming single handed heroics, she ran into a problem.

There was this really big (her description) white man standing behind her. Since there were no bleachers everybody had to stand... While they were jumping up and down and cheering, he landed on her heel. Usually this will give you a flat tire (your shoe back stepped down and off your foot). In her case he landed on her Achilles tendon. It snapped. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, the Achilles is the major tendon between the calf muscles and the heel of the foot. Yep! Major!

So I have been staying with her this last week. Much to her mother's chagrin. But I have been the enforcer and the driver and such. So she is keeping off of it as best as I can manage it.

She will be having surgery on Monday (probably by the time most of you read this...) She will be off her feet for between 2-6 weeks. I will likely be between houses for that period. So forgive me if I seem to be laming out on y'all or something.

On the other hand. I have been working on getting her and the kids a little better access to a computer and the internet. So between this all and her incredible boredom... I might get her in after all!!! Y'all might actually get posts from her! Or even a full blown blog! But I ain't promising anything...

I will hollerate later as I can!