Sunday, October 28, 2007

Slughurlers Delight

Watchoutdehnah! TSSE is officially nearly dangerous! As you all know, Michigan is a Shall-issue state. So damn near every Tom, Dick and Harry can carry. And yeah, I am on the way too. Today was class. It was something of a joy to participate in. A day after my little brother turned 24 we sat in class together while my dad (who paid for us) hung out. It was pretty cool all said. I think my dad enjoyed it the most though. He got to sit in class with his two sons and THEN go out and watch us give an old landfill area (the gun range) lead poisoning. Seems now the reputation for shooting things has touched another man child in the family. Little bro definitely is dangerous with a Glock in his hand. Although I think I would have been a little more deadly myself with a smaller weapon. On the other hand I used dad's big ol' .38 out there. I would have to say that I was a bit more imposing to observe. That and I managed to still shoot six rounds, reload four and finish those in the same time that most of the rest of the folk with their semi-autos did the same drill. Now comes the contests at the range when we find our own weapon of choice. Then we shall see. Of course my instructor let me dump a couple of clips into the target after class with his own weapon. That one was really nice. It may have made my final list in fact. Strangely enough, it is one of those pistols on my list. Just in a different caliber.

In fact I will introduce you to it right here.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lost And Found

Y'all remember when I was bitching about folk moving stuff where I couldn't find it? Well...

I done lost my two favorite game disks so I can't reload the damn things since I had to start fresh with the storage and OS. I ain't' sure if I lost them or somebody else did! Either way I am pissed! So if you see a Ghost Recon or Madden 2004 CD hanging around looking lost or something, direct them bad boys my way!

And I done found that list that I had lost. You know the one that I didn't call my New Year's Resolutions? Remember that one? No? Well of course you wouldn't. It disappeared before I could share it. And I call it the most recent addendum to My Life Philosophy. And it goes a little something like this...HIT IT! (yeah I miss En Vogue...)

  • Get Wealthier
  • Get Healthier
  • Get Educated
  • Get Selfish
  • Get Closer
  • Get Distant
  • Get Mobile
  • Get Gone
  • Get Your Duty Done
  • And most of all DO whatever it takes to make a life better... YOURS!!!!!!
Each of these things mean more than one thing on their own, so the list is a little general. But it pretty much encompasses the steps I need to take to get myself where I WANT to be!

Vanishing Acts And Such...

Yeah. I been gone again for a hot minute. But I haven't been online much unless it has been to find a bunch of drivers or some programs.

See what had happened is... My damn computer experienced a catastrophic hard disk crash. I lost the boot sector on my boot drive. So no Windoze for me. So no online or anything else for me either. So I have been in the process of getting the old girl back up to speed. The first step was buying a nice new (blazing fast) hard disk. The new drive is 40 times larger than the old one. So much bigger that I may even get rid of the second drive too! It is 8 times larger than the second one, the data drive. AND I decided to install the copy of Win XP I got from my cousin. And am now dealing with the learning curve AND the incompatibilities. But it seems to be better. Especially since Gates Inc. still supports it, and everyone else as a result. So I can actually load software that works and gets updated now. Unless of course the registration doesn't go too well and I have to uninstall it...

But that is why I ain't been here. That and still dealing with all that doctor stuff and such. But I always think about y'all!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

On Meeting Ratatouille

Some random encounters stick to you long after the moment has passed. This is a somewhat fictionalized account of one that happened during my time off.

The scene, the Detroit Promenade. For those uninitiated, it is a river walkway/park area primarily located in Downtown Detroit. This particular night The Wife and I selected a bench right behind Cobo Center near Joe Louis Arena. We had picked up a sack of White Castle Cheeseburgers on the way down to spend a little "alone" time.

As usual for the Promenade at night, there were the occasional passers-by, walking, cuddling, skating, pedaling, and peddling their way past. We spent about an hour sharing food, and warmth and stories and affection. Then things went a little strange. And it goes a little something like this. Hit it!

We saw some movement over to the right.
The Wife: "What was that?"
Me: "Huh?" Turning to look. "Oh shit!"
TW: "Is that what I think that is?"
Me: "It is if you think it is a big ass rat!"
TW: "Oh hell naw!"
Me: "Bold little fucker isn’t it?"
TW: "I think he went under that bush."
Me: "As long as he stays the hell under there then we got no problem!"
Turning back to the river
Me: "Like I said, if I had a boat that damn big, I could have a huge crib below and still have a club and a restaurant on the upper deck." Referring to the cargo ship heading upriver.
TW: "You really need a boat that big?"
Me: "Hey, I like my space. Besides…What the hell?"
Rattatouille: "Something sure smells good around here."
Me: "What the…"
Rat: "Is them White Castles?"
Me: "Yeah. Uh… Do you realize that your kind brings disease and my kind kills yours with extreme prejudice to avoid high health care costs and painful rabies shots?"
Rat: "Okay, okay. I’m leaving."
Me: "Did you see that?"
TW: "I guess he ain’t that afraid."
Me: "Apparently not. Bold AND brave."
TW: "I hope he stays under that bush. I don’t like… There he is again!"
Rat: "Yo! This is a nice car. What kind is it?"
Me: " It’s a… Why? You got license?"
Rat: "Nah. But it smells like White Castles! Thought there might be some in there! Besides you get more stuff from being nice to people."
Me: "Can’t argue that. But no. There aren’t anymore in there."
Rat: "Does it go to White Castle?"
Me: "Uh… Yeah. But we already been. And no return trips!"
Rat: "Hey! I’m just sayin…"
Me: "Do you mind? We trying to be alone in public here! And don’t be trying to steal the car either!"
Rat: "ALRIGHT! I’m leaving!"
Me: "What the…? Some muhfuggas got a lotta nerve!"
TW: "A little determined something…"
Me: "Yeah. All these other people and he comes to harass us."
TW: "Nobody is gonna believe this."
Me: "Hell, I don’t believe it. You look cold. You betta slide over here and get in on this heat I am generating."

Insert five minutes of cuddling and chatting. HERE!
And then…

TW: "WHAT!!!"
Me: "I know dis muthafucka DID NOT walk up on us like that!"
TW: "WHAT?!?"
Me: "That son of a bitch was on the bench right next to us!"
TW: "What?
Me: "His ass can run like a muhfugga too!"
Rat: "Dude! I didn’t mean no harm. I just figured if I eased on over I could act like I was with the group and get in on them Castles. You know one for you, one for her, one for me."
Me: "Group? Since when did TWO constitute a group?"
Rat: "Aw, das cold man! Why you gotta be like that? "
Me: "Maybe you forgot that extreme prejudice part?"
Rat: "I remember, but I don’t care. Them burgers be callin’ me man. That shit just be callin' me man, it be callin' me, man... I just got to go to it!"
TW: "Did he just quote New Jack City?"
Me: "Uh… yyyeeaaahhhh. Okay, time to go!"
Rat: "You leaving?"
Me: "You got it! Listen, Pookie…Ratatouille…whatever your name is. We out this muhfugga. You can have ya spot back."
Rat: "I just wanted one."
Me: "Well you can have whatever you can find in the bag…"
Rat: "Cool, I will just take that…"
Me: "…AFTER we have gone!"
Rat: "Okay! Sorry."
Me: "Let’s go babe!"
TW: "Okay, THAT was different!"
Me: "Yeah, lock the doors!"

Heard yelled out from the garbage can as we left…

Rat: "HEY! These boxes are empty! There ain’t nothing but smell and three pickles left!!! This orange drink is the bomb though! Come back soon!"

Shaking our damn heads as we left.
Me: "You know I am bringing Mousekiller next time we come out here!"
TW: "I don’t think your bb gun is gonna be enough for that one."
Me: "I think you may be right…"

Friday, October 12, 2007


Man. It has been two weeks since the last post here. I know I said slow motion, but this is ridiculous. Truthfully I don't know where the time has been going. I guess I have been keeping myself busy with other things. I just really can't identify them. Feels like I have lost days. I am gonna have to stop sleeping at night or something and get caught up! THAT is what it is. I sleep during the night now. Fell outta my vampirism stage again. Most of my online time is spent in the quiet overnight hours when good folk are calling hogs and such. Hmmm... Knowing me, I will be up all night again soon.

There are things that I will leave here as reminders for my next few posts (whenever they happen).

  • On meeting Rattatouille.
  • Understanding those you may be dependent on.
  • The Horny Dog Theory.
  • The Bell Curve Theory.
  • Things I can't make sense of...
  • More Words of the Week
Till I get back to them. I will let y'all marinate on these things. Until then Luv, Peace Of Mind, and Hair Gel!